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Stop the madness! Relationships are supposed to be enjoyable and healthy, but the right knowledge is needed. Break the toxic relationship cycle. Avoid controlling, manipulative people. Avoid relationship losers. Only date relationship winners. You can have and enjoy a happy relationship. You can experience a healthy date life. By practicing the principles of love you can enjoy a healthy, happy and lasting relationship. Just like an athlete needs to be ready mentally before the big game, we need to have the right mentality before we can have the big relationship. Without the right guidance we could easily fall into a relationship situation where we will feel trapped and hurt by a toxic person. A toxic relationship is not a situation we want to be in. Make sure you are doing everything to get ready for the big relationship. 

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Love is what drives a relationship. Without love, like a car without gas, the relationship will not go anywhere. We must have the right understanding of love. Our approach is very unique. It is based on the principles of real love (agape), which can guide and empower us to make healthy relationship choices. It is through these healthy relationship choices that we can build a true, good and beautiful relationship. Our resources (book, Real Love tutorial, Facebook daily posts)can help you do just that. We want to help you to prepare the way for more real love in your life. 

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Read our Guestbook. People write to us all the time to express how our principles of love are guiding them and helping them to make healthy relationship decisions. People are learning what the real meaning of love is, and this helps tremendously when your goal is to have a healthy, happy and lasting relationship.
“There are many pages on Facebook that try to express what true love is. They usually do a fair job of this but you have a deep understanding and awareness of what true love is. Thank you!”  ~JM, A Facebook fan.

Very few pages on Facebook speak about love as uniquely as we do. All of our messages are consistent and are very practical. Our mission is to help people everywhere to know the principles and aspects of real love.  Our Facebook Page is a great resource for those who would like to get more familiar with the principles and aspects of real love. Remember, Don't Get It Twisted, Love Is A Beautiful Thing!

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