“Get Ready To Enjoy a Life of Enchanted Love
That’s Pure and Authentic…And Has The
Power To Transform Your Life!”

Finally, A Practical Guide That Offers Unique Insights, Techniques and
Reflections on True Love That You’ve Been Looking For…

Don’t Get It Twisted, Love Is A Beautiful Thing
Experience Love That Lasts
By John Estrellas

“John has provided practical direction to show people what true love is. More than ever our society needs to know about healthy relationships and healthy love. This book shows you what it is and how to attain it.”
- David Mora, LPC, founder of Building Bridges Counseling -

“Understanding The Real Dance of Love and Life, Together As ONE…”

Love is the most powerful connection to who we are, to those around us, and to keeping life moving in a positive direction. Love is universal, it only speaks one language. It is limitless, it has no boundaries and it has the transformative power to change your life in a multitude of ways.

But understanding what TRUE love is can be a difficult challenge. Many times being swept away by the initial burst of emotional love can get us into relationships that are not healthy, and can actually be harmful. Life is not a fairy tale as seen in the movies. Life can and love can be difficult paths to understand and navigate, unless you know what to look for.
The mystery of love and its power goes beyond words or images. It goes well beyond the explanations of science. But despite its ambiguity and mystery, now author John Estrellas has created one of the most insightful and breakthrough books on the subject of love unlike ever created before.
In his book, Don’t Get It Twisted, Love Is A Beautiful Thing, John takes the mystery of love and breaks it down into some of the most fundamental elements and forms…and how it’s all connected. This way you get a much clearer understanding of what true love is, how it works, and most of all…how you can let the “dance of love” enter into your own life for more bliss and happiness.

“John explains love through the use of thought-provoking reflections,
quick and easy to read meditations, eye-opening diagrams and more
that makes love SIMPLE to understand and relate to…minus the “fluff”
and “filler” that many love “gurus” use today in their own guides.”
This book is perfect for…
●Those who want to discover what the real purpose of true, unconditional love is
●Those who want to know what makes for a rock-solid loving relationship (that lasts!)
●Those who want to know the real differences between human love and agape
●Those who want to know how to make healthy relationship choices every time
●Those who want to finally experience the full beauty of real love and give it as well!
If you’re ready to make love work with you in your life, instead of making it feel as though it’s working against you…then this guide is for you. Also, if you loved Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages or Erich Fromm’s, The Art of Loving…then you’ll love this book as well!
“Say YES! To The Power of Transformative Love and
Let It Enter Into Your Life Today!”


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John's handbook goes a long way in telling us what to look for in our search for love and how to take care of it once we've found it. Spoken in a clear cut and uncomplicated tone, Estrellas passionately spells out for all love-disabled seekers how to become love victors!  How fortunate for the person who hasn't yet messed up in love, with John's help he or she may never have to.

-Abigail Suzahns, author, Living a Lifetime in 625 Days-

This book is very easy to read and understand. I believe it is a good guide for young adults and for older adults as well.

-Stephanie Zapata, Architectural Engineer-

I love the way you teach and how you explain the meaning of love, the examples, situations and stories you share with us help us to understand love better. Beautiful! Brilliant book! 

-Anne Hisense, Facebook Fan-

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