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To understand love we must begin by looking at what I call "The two points of love." These two points are:

1) The meaning of love (agape).  

2) The human experience of the meaning of love (through the various aspects of love guiding the passions of the body such as sexual desire, connection, emotion, fondness, affections, attachment, attraction, romance etc.).

These are two different things, and must be looked at separately, and once understood, they must be united. Keep these two points in mind when you read this book.



Choose a Relationship Winner!

People ask me all the time, "Where are the good men?" or "Where are the good women?" People  continue to pick relationship losers and then ask where the good ones are. I think help is needed in the "selection process." In order to pick a relationship winner one must have a pretty good idea about real love. Your knowledge of real love must be so good that you will quickly recognize it in another human being. If you keep picking relationship losers, something is probably lacking in your knowledge of love. Most people believe psychology's version of love. Big mistake because popular psychology focuses on the emotional aspects of physical attraction and romance, or something entirely different from real love. They set you up for failure from the get-go and you don't even realize it. Real love has more to do with the desire in your heart to do the most good to another human being. Don't get it twisted, invest a little in yourself, and get on the path of real love. Give yourself the very best chance at a happy, healthy and lasting relationship. My book will give you the knowledge you need for a happy and committed relationship. Book is available on Amazon (paperback or ebook). ~John Estrellas a.k.a. Abel John Banda. You may also pick up a copy here:    



Become Player-Proof

Are you tired of getting played?  Are you tired of meeting the wrong one? Want a happy, healthy and committed relationship? Don't complicate your life by being in a toxic relationship. You can learn to choose better. Avoid the relationship dummies and become player-proof! Build a solid foundation of love so that you will be able to distinguish the relationship dummies from the relationship winners. My book is "straight talk" and it is written in a very simple style that anyone can understand. It is filled with the information you need to change your relationship situation. I write from personal experience. I've been played, I've been in toxic relationships but today I am in healthy relationships that fill my life with immense joy and happiness. Learn from someone who's out in the trenches. Love is what drives a relationship. Without love, like a car without gas, the relationship will not go anywhere. We must have the right understanding of love. Our approach is very unique. It is based on the principles of real love (agape), which can guide and empower us to make healthy relationship choices. It is through these healthy relationship choices that we can build a true, good and beautiful relationship. ~John Estrellas a.k.a. Abel John Banda. Pick up a copy on Amazon (paperback or ebook) or you can find it here:  



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Read our Guestbook. People write to us all the time to express how our principles of love are guiding them and helping them to make healthy relationship decisions. People are learning what the real meaning of love is, and this helps tremendously when your goal is to have a healthy, happy and lasting relationship.

“There are many pages on Facebook that try to express what true love is. They usually do a fair job of this but you have a deep understanding and awareness of what true love is. Thank you!”  ~JM, a member of our Facebook page.

Very few pages on Facebook speak about love as uniquely as we do. All of our messages are consistent and are very practical. Our mission is to help people everywhere to know the principles and aspects of real love.  Our Facebook Page is a great resource for those who would like to get more familiar with the principles and aspects of real love. Remember, Don't Get It Twisted, Love Is A Beautiful Thing!

If you want to learn the deeper and real meaning of love, beyond pop psychology, beyond the 5 love languages, beyond popular love gurus who are giving you an incomplete view of love then you need to read this book. Having a more complete view of love will help you to make the healthy relationship choices that will bring real love into your life. I take love apart piece by piece and put it back together so that you can understand it better.
~John Estrellas a.k.a. Abel John Banda

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