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There are many pages on Facebook that try to express what true love is. They usually do a fair job of this but you have a deep understanding and awareness of what true love is. Thank you! ~Jim

Powerful Methods for Learning How to Find True Love and Long Lasting Love

In his three volumes, Estrellas draws on both his own personal heartbreak and lessons learned from interacting with over 2 million social media and blog followers to teach you proven methods for learning how to love, which can help you to find true love naturally. Love relationships don't have to be intimidating or scary. With John's unique collection of love meditations, and powerful relationship advice, you will learn how to easily and naturally build a long lasting love... an authentic love that grows exponentially over time.

Whether you are a woman considering getting engaged or trying to find a husband, or a man just looking for some valuable tips on understanding women, you will be surprised at how easy it is to find love and happiness and build a strong healthy relationship that stands the tests of time. The love advice in these books works equally well for couples looking to get more serious and for singles seeking new and exciting love interests.

The messages are really beautiful. I enjoy reading them because the words show a beautiful picture of what is important in relationships. ~Megan

The way you write bears so much meaning; you are profound with your words meaningfully, and philosophically. ~Callum

Your quotes and writings work like band-aids on my wounds. After having so many wrong relationships, with all kinds of wrong people , and bad breakups , your quotes work like a wound-healing ointment. ~Anonymous

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John Estrellas

We've all met people who are great listeners and give great advice. These souls have a special way of guiding us in the right direction when we find ourselves in a difficult place. My goal is to guide you along the best path, the path offering the most good, peace and happiness. I will give you my best love insights but you will decide which direction you wish to go. I can help you see your "love situation" in a new light and will offer the clarity, wisdom and hope you need to find the relationship you've always wanted. Sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction. I recommend that you begin with Volume One or Fall in Love. Pick up your copy today. ~John Estrellas

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