Return To Eden: 
Return To Health 

God Almighty,
help me to eat better.
I want to make healthy choices
but I need your help.
I can't do it without you.
Give me the grace
to begin a healthy diet.

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Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Improved Health. You will feel healthier and more alive

• Improved blood pressure

• Improved cholesterol

Lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer

• Lose weight

• You will grow in knowledge of nutrition and healthy foods

• You will inspire family and friends to eat more vegetables

• You will feel better when you prepare your meals

You will enjoy food more, in a pure way

• You will save human lives (those you inspire to eat healthy)

• You will become more disciplined

• You will be inspired to take better care of your body

Spiritual Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
& Kindness to Animals

You will be set free from the bondage of eating animal flesh

• You will grow in virtue (self-control, love, kindness, purity)

• God will purify your body through your diet

• You will glorify God with your body

• You will glorify God with the healthy foods you eat

• You will glorify God with your view of animals

• You will appreciate God's animals and treat them kindly

• You will feel closer to God

• Your prayer life will improve

• You will become more aware of God's love

• You will learn about God through His animals

Tips for Beginning a Plant-Based Diet

Begin gradually. Go into it slowly. Prepare & Plan

• Buy plant-based (vegan) products at your local grocery store

• Prepare your first plant-based meal. Be creative

• Read more about nutrition & look at ingredients labels

• Take a B12 supplement

Watch your sodium & sugar intake to avoid hypertension

Remember, highly processed vegan products are not healthy

• Find a mentor.
Ask questions, ask for tips

The Lord is my rock,
I will not be moved.
Lord, you are my strength,
my rock and my hope.
I will not be moved.

© 2012 John Estrellas
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