Our Love Team

Alex Johannigman is a graduate of Rice University and is currently a graduate student in the School of Ministry at the University of Dallas. He served as a missionary at Christ in the City for one year where he helped homeless friends get on their feet and rediscover their dignity. He is a featured writer on our Facebook page.  

Mike Wetter is a regular contributor to our Facebook page. He writes and shares daily messages about love. Since his addition, our page has grown exponentially. With his help we now reach over two million members through our Facebook page. Mike is a man of deep faith and is known for his great generosity among his friends and family.

Apollonia Paramythioti is our page artist and model. She adds greater appeal to our page. Her unique art and beauty is capturing the hearts of our members. She helps us present our messages more meaningfully. Apollonia is an art student in Athens and plans to conquer the world with her unique, Greek art. Look out world! View her art here.

Melissa Molomo, author of Say What's Real and Say What's Real 2. Her books, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms motivate people to reach higher levels of self growth. Melissa encourages her readers to be real (honest, kind & respectful). Her writings, which we share often, add positive energy to what we do. Be sure to pick up copies of her books here.

John Estrellas is founder of Love Is A Beautiful Thing. Since 1999, John has served as a volunteer youth minister at various parishes. He has taught thousands of people about healthy love. John is an underground writer who enjoys writing books about love. He is committed to teaching his unique, comprehensive and practical approach to love to those who are teachable. Check out his books here: John's Books.

David Mora is a licensed professional counselor at Building Bridges Counseling in Richardson, Texas. He is also an Employee Assistance Specialist LPC at UTSW Medical Center. He is a trained life coach. He is a graduate of Amberton University and the University of North Texas. David has been a great support and has provided invaluable guidance.
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