Hi, my name is John L. Banda. I am an author in the Dallas area. I enjoy writing about three things: Christian love, God's love of animals and Christian encouragement. Christians have always encouraged me to do something with my writing. So here I am doing something. I plan to publish regularly. I hope you find something here that resonates with your heart. I recommend the Field page. There you will find sample prayers and background music to make your experience as prayerful as possible. Drop me a note. Let me know your thoughts. God bless you. 

Prayer Can

Change Your Life.

How often do you pray? Is your prayer life fruitful? A foundational prayer life can make all the difference in your relationship with God and with others. Field Prayers can help you begin that conversation with God.


Does God Love


Christians are divided on their view of God's animals. The grand majority of Christians hold an oppressive, abusive and exploitative view of God's animals. Today, the Christian minority are speaking up for God's animals in order to return to an "Eden" relationship with God's animals where the love of God rules. We not only want to end animal cruelty but we want to help Christians to adopt a healthy, life-giving diet (Genesis 1:29).


Do You Speak


Love is not an emotion as pop psychology would have you believe. Emotions are a beautiful part of love, but they are not the whole thing. Love is an act of the will. It is a decision. It is commitment. It is sacrifice.