Love is faithful
Several years ago I worked in retail and had the pleasure of being able to help a guy who was not at all familiar with the true meaning of love. Jose was in his early 30’s, married with children. During one of our conversations Jose made a very interesting, but contradictory comment. He said, I love my wife a lot, but I’m very unfaithful to her. I cheat on her all the time. Unfortunately he’s not the only guy I’ve heard say this. Something is very twisted about this comment. Wouldn’t you agree? A lot of people think they know what love is, but very few actually do. One day during one of our conversations Jose asked, what is love? I replied with a question, would you give up your life for your wife? He thought about it for a few seconds and then said, yes I would; I love her that much. I would give up my life for her. I wanted to guide Jose in the right direction and thankfully his openness to the truth of love made it possible for him to experience a deeper understanding of love. 
Jose was very curious and wanted to hear more so I explained to him, if you are willing to give up your life for your wife then you should be willing to be faithful to her because being faithful to someone is less than giving up your life for someone; and if you’re willing to do the greater thing, then you should be willing to do the lesser thing too. Both are noble and true ways to show our love to another. Being faithful requires a dying to selfish desires. We must sacrifice seeing or spending time with a romantic interest who could tempt us to be unfaithful. When we love someone we never want to bring harm to that person; we only want to bring good to that person. We should do everything in our power to avoid the choices and actions that could hurt our beloved. We should also remember that being considerate of another is a major aspect of love. Being considerate could also help us to remain faithful to our beloved.

Love is sacrifice
Sacrifice is a core aspect of love. When we love someone we will go to great lengths to be there for them. When we truly value someone we will go out of our way for them, to help them and to seek their well-being. When we love someone we will sacrifice daily for that person. When we love someone, our discomfort becomes irrelevant, and their well-being becomes everything. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. Sometimes we will experience discomfort in our sacrifices. It isn't always comfortable being there for someone you love, but we need to do our best nevertheless. It isn’t always comfortable getting up early to do something good for others, but we make the sacrifice because we care. Sacrifice means making an extra effort to bring good to another; it means showing that we care and putting another’s needs above our wants. Sometimes we may have to give up something in order to bring a greater good to someone we care about. This is real love. Has anyone ever sacrificed for you in this way? Have you ever sacrificed for anyone in this way?
Sacrifice isn’t always about giving up something; it can be about giving our best. Great love can be shown through our sacrifices. Remember, when we sacrifice for someone we love, we must do it for them, not for us. Our sacrifice must be selfless in order to reflect true love.


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