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Writing about love has been one of my favorite passions. I have been reflecting on the meaning of love for over 20 years. I hope you've enjoyed my love notes. It has been my pleasure to share them with you here. They are taken from my books. If you would like to read more like these please purchase my books. I have three books available. Click on the links below and you will be directed to my books on Amazon. The Kindle version is also available. Thank you for taking the time to read my love reflections. ~John Estrellas

John has written a few books in his time. Don't Get it Twisted Love is a Beautiful Thing is a book that I have recommended to many clients over the years to assist them in learning about love and relationships. His books expound on the principles of love in a sharp yet simple, understandable way. After all love is not complicated; but then again it can be if people complicate it. The topic of love has been written about since the dawn of human writing. There is probably no other topic that has consumed the human heart, even if one doesn't know it, than love. Yet today, relationships have become more complicated than ever in our time. We are disconnected from each other, God, and ourselves and are more confused than ever about the yearnings of the human heart. So many ills of our world could be solved by us learning what love truly is and putting it into action. The principles (or aspects) of love that John writes about are a wonderful explanation of the kind of love that brings about peace and harmony with others. Whether romantic, friendship, or family, these principles of true love (agape) will provide you the guidance for your journey to a fulfilling love with others.
John's writings are divided into nice bite size sections that are easy to digest and ponder as you take in the concepts in your heart. Take your time reading these books but don't waste time not putting the concepts into action. If you are single don't wait until you are dating or married, start now with friends and family. If you are dating or married, these concepts will enhance your relationship and increase a healthy love of self.
David Mora, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor)
Dallas, Texas

Fall In Love: What Women Want, What Men Want Too.  If you enjoy our love memes on Facebook you will enjoy this book. Each month we share around 40 love messages on our Facebook page. This book includes over 375 love meme messages that will guide your heart and relationships toward true love. Are you ready to fall in love? Available now. Pick up your paperback. Available for Kindle.

Volume 1: Experience Real Love. John introduces you to the most important "love words" you need to know and introduces you to the language of real love. From "Sacrifice" to "Freedom" John begins his  exploration of real love (unconditional, selfless love). Material is presented in short reflection form, which makes for a faster read. For Kindle and in paperback

Volume 2: Experience Love That Lasts.
The conversation of love that began in Volume 1 continues in this volume. More aspects of love are explored, diagrams are provided to help the reader understand love and an emphasis is placed on the role of virtue. The "selection process" is introduced. This book is available for Kindle and in paperback

This book* will help you to love God with all your heart, mind and soul. God is ultimately the love of our life, therefore we should put Him above everything else. To know God more deeply should be our highest desire, and our greatest praise to God. Here, I present 40 love words and show the reader how to love God through these 40 aspects of love. Available in 2019*.


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